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Meet Cloobot

A Stakeholder Management Solution

Powered By AI

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Fast Tracking Frontline Digital Transformation.

Frontline employees work differently than
office staff. Their working conditions & limited

exposure to technology limits their ability to

adapt to app-based solutions. Hence there is a huge resistance to change. 

Bigger the organization, the bigger the

challenge to get a large number of frontline employees to download an app, learn it & enter data on an ongoing basis. 


The Solution: Cloobot

We enable rapid deployment at scale across a hybrid workforce. We make it easier for frontline employees to adapt technology & thereby participate in the growth of your organization & be heard. ​


Stay connected with your external Stakeholders.


Your control of External stakeholders is minimum.

You got to admit it- They Hate Being Forced To Install Apps To Do Business.

Cloobot’s AI Chatbot contextually connects with your external stakeholder, while giving them the freedom to receive or provide relevant & timely information on their preferred platforms.

Simply put, we keep the value chain well-oiled for seamless collaboration, efficiency, & transparency.

"Achieve new levels of user satisfaction with intuitive omnichannel experiences."

Lower your IT spending & empower your internal IT Teams or domain experts.

Thanks to our AI-powered platform, we offer

Best-in-class tailor-made configurations at a fraction of cost & at unmatched speed.


Internal IT Teams & domain experts of clients we serve feel empowered with the possibilities Cloobot provides to help them drive digitization & automation across departments or functions.


There’s more. We also offer out-of-the-box integrations, dedicated configuration support, and automated workflows. 


Our Clients


What do we do?

We help organizations become data-driven.

Behind every great Stakeholder experience, is a workflow

built on a foundation of Simplicity. Cloobot connects your entire Value Chain enabling data to flow seamlessly then

our AI-Engine aggregates & analyses the data to provide

you with a real-time MIS reporting dashboard.

Let's simplify and digitize your business operations together.

We are with you every step in the process


We interview the stakeholders -
You share

We do interviews with your stakeholders to understand the needs of all stakeholders to create a holistic workflow that works for everyone.


We tailor-make the system -
You test

We make sure all needs of your stakeholders are addressed in the system making sure everyone's included & heard.


We roll out to your workforce - 
You grow

Even after the rollout, we stay in touch with you to resolve any doubts or find areas for 

further improvements.


Transform with a single, unifying platform
for digital business.

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Privacy Concerns?

Your stakeholders are more important than your processes. We know you trust them and would want to empower them rather than police them.

We believe you can truly empower your

stakeholders by giving them the freedom to grant desired levels of permission to the various

platforms Cloobot can operate on.

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Apps that We Integrate With


And more.

Explore Usecases

NC Management

Streamline Non-Conformance Management with the power of AI & ease of WhatsApp.

Keep track of all NC's in one place. Get real-time reports generated automatically based on the data collected from the site using WhatsApp.

Snag list management

De-snag faster than ever with Cloobot for intelligent reporting and the simplicity of WhatsApp for your site teams.

You get a central place to see all your snags in one place. With powerful & sensible reporting tailored for your organization.

Quality Checklist

Quickly and easily create a checklist with excel bulk

upload for managers & a convenient checklist submission experience for the site

team using WhatsApp.

This tried and tested workflow makes the work easy for everyone involved from managers to site engineers.

DPR Management

Gone are the days of maintaining long painful excel sheets. Daily progress report filling on WhatsApp has become a habit. We let you keep that habit but we bring the best of technology to give you realtime reports automatically. No manual transfer of data from whatsapp to excel required anymore. 


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