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Prolonged Implementation Cycles and Endless Customizations
Impacting Your Time-to-Value?

Accelerating Salesforce Implementation

Are you salesforce developer

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Our Esteemed Clients

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About Cloobot X

Cloobot X is a Gen-AI-powered implementation studio designed to accelerate the deployment of enterprise applications with fewer resources.

It leverages natural language processing to model workflow automation, deliver sandbox previews, automatically configure workflows, extend functionalities, and manage versioning & changes

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How are we different ?

Novel Approach to no code

Efficient Configuration

Our conversational architecture
simplifies configuration, enabling quick & accurate setup with intuitive prompts & automated workflows.

Empower Your user

Faster Time-to-Value

Implement enterprise applications up to 50% faster than traditional methods,
allowing your organization to reap the benefits sooner.

Scale it your way

Tailored Customization

Cloobot X uses advanced AI to build custom enhancements, reducing manual customisation in complex enterprise applications.

No code tool to generate Code

Cost Savings

Reduce implementation costs by up to 40% through AI-driven automation and efficient resource utilization.

Cloobot X

Seamless Integration with existing systems

Utilizing natural language processing to facilitate smooth data flow & minimize disruptions.

Ai Inbuilt

Free up Development bandwidth

Your product developers will spend more time building your core offering.

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Why did we build Cloobot X ?

Low Prompt App Builder

Hi there! We're Tejasvin & Akshay,

In our previous startup, we developed a highly customizable Workflow Management Solution for the Construction Industry. However, we encountered significant challenges during implementation: the process became overly complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive.

These struggles hindered our growth and led us to rethink traditional approaches.

That's why we created Cloobot X, a Gen-AI-powered Implementation Studio. Our mission is to streamline enterprise application deployments, making them simple, swift, and efficient for all stakeholders.

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Traditional Tools

  • Flow chart tools that model business processes

  • Coding tools & copilots that assist in building scripts

  • Project management tools that facilitate collaboration


Cloobot X | Create applications with simple prompts

Offering a comprehensive AI approach

Automatically generates & deploys necessary configurations 
& customizations

Ensures implementations are
error-free and meet client needs through rigorous automated testing.

Maintains versions of  implementations & change logs to protect the integrity of implementations

Uses AI to understand and visualize business requirements


Implementation Maturity Roadmap

Existing Status Quo

APIs/Scripts for configuration used
by developers

Configuration UI for trained
implementation teams

The Future with Cloobot X

Copilot for automated
configuration by consultants

Modelling system for simulating
full implementation flows

Implementation Management
System with dashboards

Be part of something bigger.

Cloobot X is built for a fully conversational world, where problem-solving is as intuitive & efficient as a conversation. Say hello to a new era of IT, where problem solvers lead the way.

Sample implementation journey (for Salesforce)

1. User enters business requirement in Cloobot X

Cloobot X

2. Cloobot X understands the brief requirement & creates detailed requirement & mockup


3. Cloobot X Deploys the requirement in Salesforce

Salesforce example

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