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Quality Non-Conformance Management using Cloobot on WhatsApp

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Non conformance event (NCE) in construction quality management occurs when there are quality issues in the constructed structure and, therefore, cannot meet the standards of the customer and regulatory authority.

Cloobot is quality management system (QMS) software that helps streamline construction QM and take appropriate actions. Quality management software helps you maintain quality standards in your projects & manages QA\QC-related activities.

The Quality management system is used to carry out the quality control (QC) inspection process from time to time to check the project's quality.

Cloobot ensures that capture & resolution of all non-conformities becomes an easy and quick process for your organization. Cloobot has a user interface where higher authorities can track the project's progress.

QC tools detect non-conformance, & Cloobot's nonconformance (NC) management software provides this functionality by establishing effective communication between employees and stakeholders. For example, suppose NC on the site occurs, and there are defective materials that have just arrived.

In that case, a front-line worker will deliver this quality issue to the responsible team on a chat-based platform like Whatsapp. Then the team reviews the materials and takes steps to implement the changes.

The updated changes are shared through Cloobot via WhatsApp chatbot and email; all the data on the user interface are accessible by the organization management; thus, cloobot helps in nonconformance management.

NC Flow

Here is the 5-step Non conformance flow that simplifies the process of handling nonconformance management.

Step 1 - Identify the root cause - Identifying the root cause means determining what caused non conformance, who was responsible, and determining its likelihood and impact on construction quality.

Step 2 - Send NC to our WhatsApp Chatbot - Once the non conformance is identified, the next step is to mark an entry of the NC in the system so that it can be assigned to the concerned team.

Step 3 - Investigate the issue: - It is the time to collect answers to the most critical questions, including what exactly happened, who all were involved, why it happened, what should be done to mitigate it, and how to prevent it in the future.

Step 4 - Assign Corrective Actions - This stage includes breaking down the solution into small chunks of solutionist activity so that different teams can work on it and correct it.

Step 5 - Issue Resolved - Once the issue is resolved, one can make it an entry in the knowledge base so that it can be further referred to in case similar non conformance arises.

How Cloobot helps in Quality Management

In QC in construction management, the primary role of the Cloobot is to establish communication between the employees and involved stakeholders.

In the construction industry, there is often a gap in communication between front-line

workers and office staff, which sometimes results in NC. nonconformance causes

delays in projects, is time-consuming and increases the company's expenses.

With Cloobot, one can track all the tasks easily. Cloobot works using a 3 step

nonconformance management process as described below.

Step 1 - Record NC on Whatsapp

Cloobot provides QC tools, including a chatbot integrated for WhatsApp, MS Teams, Slack, Etc., to record the nonconformance. The user can send a "Hi" message to activate Cloobot's chatbot conversation flow;

The user can then select the appropriate flow to log an NC wherein they can also add photos or videos to their message so that Cloobot will create an entry of the NC in the database with all of the information. Cloobot has been designed keeping flexibility in mind so anyone can use it.

Step 2 - Assign NC

NC is now in the system; it is time to assign NC to the concerned team. This can be done automatically based on the settings or by the concerned person, such as the site supervisor or project manager responsible for the NC assignment.

Once the NC is assigned, the concerned person can take necessary actions to resolve it, and the person can refer to previous projects' data to get the required information.

Step 3 - Close NC

Reviewing a task once it is done is essential for several reasons: It helps you to catch any errors or mistakes that may have been made. It allows you to see whether or not the task was completed correctly. Reviewing tasks can help you identify areas where performance can be improved upon in the future.

Hence, in the 3rd step of Cloobot's nonconformance management, examining whether the raised NC has been accurately resolved or not has to be checked. Once all checks are completed, the NC can be closed, and if it is not correctly resolved, it can be reassigned to the concerned team for complete resolution.

Cloobot shares the complete information regarding the nonconformance on messaging applications like WhatsApp, which makes the resolution process fast and easy.

Integration with Messaging Apps

In the construction industry, it's essential to communicate efficiently across departments & teams. This is especially true when it comes to quality assurance and QC in construction projects, including nonconformance management (NCM), in which different groups often handle different needs and requirements. A solution that can support all non conformance management stakeholders is crucial for success.

Cloobot solves that problem by providing WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or any other simple chat-based application integrated chatbot that allows construction organizations to streamline their NC Management processes by making it easy for all stakeholders involved

in the process to communicate efficiently.

It makes communication easy for front-line workers in this way; they do not require a heavy-weight machine (computer/PC/Laptop), as the same process is now possible on simple

chat-based messaging applications like WhatsApp that are readily available on their phones.

This way, Cloobot also helps cut the cost of training and infrastructure entitled with NC management, as anyone familiar with these applications will be able to pick the process quickly and start using them immediately.

This makes Cloobot an ideal solution for nonconformity Management because they require little training time or effort on the part of employees-they're already familiar with how it works. To get the gist of how Cloobot software works, click on the free demo link.

The four features of construction quality management in Cloobot are as follows.


Managing the process of nonconformity is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring that a project is completed on time and within budget & Suitable corrective action is taken. Cloobot's QMS Software provides non conformance reports to help keep track of the different types of NC and their severity.

This non conformance report allows for a more accurate assessment of what corrective action needs to be taken to rectify issues before it becomes too costly or disruptive to the overall project.


The tracking feature of nonconformity management in construction enables the user to set notifications & reminders for the different project stages. This feature also allows users to receive notifications via email or WhatsApp.

Cloobot, a stakeholder relationship management tool that helps you manage projects, including quality non-conformance management, offers the tracking feature on WhatsApp, email, and other messaging applications, as well as many others that make it easy for you to keep track of your project's progress.


The feature of inspection during nonconformity management in construction is to ensure that the workers have done the job correctly. The inspection process involves checking whether all the client's requirements have been addressed. It also includes checking if any issues that need to be fixed before moving on to the next step of construction.

Cloobot provides this feature wherein it integrates the checklist being used by the organizations in the system so that team members can fill it on WhatsApp like apps.

This helps ensure that all involved stakeholders check and verify every detail before proceeding with further work.


Companies must keep track of all of the non-conformities on a project. This can be challenging, mainly because there are so many different types of non-conformities that come in many shapes and sizes.

Cloobot's NC management tool helps users to record each step they take to solve NC, ensuring that all documentation is kept in one place. This documentation can then be used in the future as per requirement.


Why Cloobot for construction quality management?

Cloobot is a Stakeholder relationship management software that helps make organizations data-driven & connects all the stakeholders in non-conformity management and makes managing non-conformities streamlined. Cloobot brings up a new way to connect employees. By integrating Cloobot with the existing tools across functions, Team Leaders can let

Cloobot do the heavy lifting.

This means that employees can do effective management using Cloobot's chatbot. It automates follow-ups, escalations, and Task assignments and has central visibility of all operations. In addition, there's no training required on yet another mobile app.

You will see higher productivity among your team members and they will love using Cloobot because it is like texting or emailing only better. Cloobot also helps in creating reports so that concerned stakeholders can get to know about what's happening in the business.

What are non-conformance quality Management tools?

Non-conformance QM tools are designed to manage and document non-conformances. These tools help you maintain control over your project, keep track of issues, and ensure that everyone involved is informed about all the problems at hand.

Why do you require QC tools?

Quality control tools are essential for the construction industry. As they not only provide a way to communicate with workers but also keep track of all the essential information related to QC and quality assurance of a project. You can use quality assurance and QC tools in a construction project, such as inspection checklists and tracking, to ensure that all steps are taken correctly and according to your specifications.

How does Cloobot make quality management easy?

Cloobot simplifies QM by allowing team leaders to connect their various tools & team members across functions and let Cloobot do the heavy lifting for them. This means that employees will have better visibility of what is happening across the board an essential component of any QM strategy. Cloobot implements such a process by not needing your employees to install yet another app.

Your front-line workers can enter day-to-day data confidently on WhatsApp.

Eliminating the friction of learning & downloading another app on their phone.

Thereby reducing its implementation time & cost significantly for the organization.

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