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Streamline Snag Management with the power
of AI & ease of

De-Snag faster than ever

We help you get real-time visibility of all snags so you can De-Snag fast and easy.

Cloobot X

Use Cloobot & rest assured all Snags are addressed 100%.

We simplify, standardize & digitize the process to make it easier to provide all the stakeholders

with one platform to manage & resolve all the snags to help you hand over the project quickly and easily.

70% lower IT costs &
higher productivity.

Best-in-class Snag management solution is now affordable as well. Thanks to our AI-powered platform that offers tailor-made configurations at a fraction of cost & time as compared to

consulting firms.

Construction Management - Cloobot X

Our Clients

No additional app Installation is required.

Cloobot's Snag management works with chat apps like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, & Slack

to name a few. the apps that your team already knows, understands, & loves.


This means no additional apps are required for data gathering on-site.  Allowing site teams to focus on the work and not on figuring out yet another app.  

Cloobot X

As easy as 123

Cloobot X

1. Record Snag on WhatsApp

Cloobot X

2. Assign Snag

Cloobot X

3. De-snag

With Cloobot’s AI Chatbot, the Facility team can issue the Snag during the inspection, right on the site with photos, directly on WhatsApp.

Immediately send the Snag to the concerned Project Team automatically or manually for the team to act on it.

Monitor the status of the task from the comfort of your office & de-snag after it is resolved correctly.

Why Cloobot?

We understand the drain in managing Snags manually using spreadsheets. We provide automatic reports & help you get clear visibility and freeing you to just take data-based decisions.

Cloobot X

Lower IT spends

Cloobot X

Easy To Use

Traceability - Cloobot X


Central repository - Cloobot X

Documentation of Snags

Customizability - Cloobot X


Are you still undecided on whether to take the free demo?

Cloobot X
Cloobot X

Explore Other Usecases

NC Management

Streamline Non-Conformance Management with the power

of AI & ease of WhatsApp.

Keep track of all NC's in one place. Get real-time reports generated automatically based on the data collected from the site using WhatsApp.


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